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MOITHUTI Walter Special Edition: Online Voice of SASCO

SASCO's call for free education is a genuine struggle: A generational vission of the current epoch of student activism

Anele NkoyiThe recent impulse at the Tshwane University of Technology as result of shortage of NSFAS funding to cater for all financially needy and academically deserving students is a testimony that the current funding system of our education is failing dismally.

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Percy MthombeniImportant ideological questions SASCO should ponder on the occasion of its 23rd anniversary

The month of September is general known as a heritage month. In order to mark its symbolic nature, people of various cultural groups display, and celebrate their cultural diversity. However, to some of us, September has its special chapter in the history Books. It is a month which our gallant student movement South African Students Congress (SASCO) was born (In 1991).

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EFF: A year of populism and opportunism

It has been over a year since the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) was founded by the former President of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) Julius Sello Malema and his allies. The formation of the EFF came as an aftermath of certain political events both within and outside the ANC, these political issues range from the expulsion of the former ANCYL President from the ANC, the Marikana Massacre, and re-election of President Jacob Zuma in the highly anticipated 53rd National congress of the ANC in Mangaung.

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Declaration of the 18th SASCO National Congress

5 December 2013

INSPIRED by the vigilance of previous generations of student activists who fought for education transformation under tougher conditions, GUIDED by the spirits of our fallen leaders amongst them Babalwa Ntabeni and Lincoln Morgan and MOTIVATED by the zeal and determination of toiling students across the land, WE the 1061 strong delegates to the 18th SASCO National Congress gathered from the 1st to the 5th of December at the University of Venda in Limpopo province.

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Press Releases

SASCO condemns the manner in which Tshwane University of Technology management has handled the student dispute

18 September 2014

The South African Students Congress notes with utter disgust and irritation the manner in which the management of TUT, led by the tyrannical and inept Vice-Chancellor Professor Ogude, is handling the current dispute on NSFAS in the University.

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SASCO Statement on Racism in our Universities and the Free Education Campaign

12 August 2014

The South African Students’ Congress has learnt with great concern the recent incidents of racism that have taken place in some of our institutions of higher learning. These incidents are evident to our long held position that South African universities continue to be preserves to perpetuate the legacy of our regrettable past. In South Africa we continue to have black and white universities, the later being for the privileged few and the former for the marginalized majority. This continues to be the case because of the blatant refusal by the powers that be in our institutions to transform these institutions.

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SASCO Calls for an End to systemic and institutionalized Racism in universities

6 August 2014

The Human Rights Commission released, what others considered as shocking results, that more than 500 cases of racism in our institutions were reported. Even though we are concerned as the South African Students’ Congress, we are not surprised by this outcome. In fact it is our firm view that many, more cases have not been reported. Just few days after this revelation, our country faces another racist incident that took place at the University of Pretoria, unsurprisingly.

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NEC Bulletin

Advance Free Education - Relentlessly

As usual, debates in our National Executive Committee meeting were lively; heated but comradely. One of the liveliest of these discussions was the debate around the Free Education struggle in the face of pronunciations by the ANC and Presidency in the January 8th rally and the State of the Nation Address.

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The Red Spark


The Red Spark Theoretical Journal is a South African Students Congress publication issued quarterly to reflect and analyse contemporary issues that affect the society at large. We remain an independent student organisation that is rooted within the National Democratic Revolution as led by the reliable leader of the alliance, the ANC and our approach to matters affecting the ANC-led government and the mass democratic movement we will always use our CC (Contradictory-Complimentary) Approach when articulating our perspective to those issues.

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