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MOITHUTI Walter Special Edition: Online Voice of SASCO

SASCO Pays tribute to Mam Ruth Mompati

Mam Ruth MompatiThe South African Students Congress (SASCO) has learnt with deep sadness and a deep sense of loss about the passing of Mama Ruth Mompati. We would like to take this opportunity to send our deep and heartfelt condolences to her family, friends and comrades who have woken up today to learn of a loss of this struggle veteran.

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FROM NMMU TO UFH, what does it mean to the MDM?

Chabalala BoltonThe current state of the MDM, motivated by our loss of another university again this year has struck me to use it emphatically and ironically to describe what this means, from the silent SACP, troubled PYA and COSATU. As much as I believe each organisation out of their autonomic state within have their own shortfalls to what we are currently facing, the state of the Congress movement as a whole is part and parcel, the complacency, plutocracy and rhetoric plays a major role.

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Are we in a dilema dilemma for transformation off Higher Education? Part 2

Pinda MofokengThe transformation of higher education cannot be a stand-alone issue, since education is part of the social core it must then be pegged to the national vision of the country. South Africa is a country that is culturally diverse and has a history that was so brutal in all spheres, which have not been confronted.

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Declaration of the 18th SASCO National Congress

5 December 2013

INSPIRED by the vigilance of previous generations of student activists who fought for education transformation under tougher conditions, GUIDED by the spirits of our fallen leaders amongst them Babalwa Ntabeni and Lincoln Morgan and MOTIVATED by the zeal and determination of toiling students across the land, WE the 1061 strong delegates to the 18th SASCO National Congress gathered from the 1st to the 5th of December at the University of Venda in Limpopo province.

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Press Releases

Post SASCO National Executive Committee Statement

18 May 2015

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the South African Students' Congress (SASCO) met from the 15th to the 17th of May 2015 to consider a variety of issues facing the organisation in the post-schooling sector and to adopt its Programme of Action for the remainder of the year.

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SASCO Response to the Budget Vote Speech of the Minister of Higher Education!

13 May 2015

As the South African Student Congress we are off the view that the Minister of Higher Education has not said anything today. It is with great disappointment to note that the budget as delivered today was business as usual as if the higher education sector is absolutely stable. Our view is that the budget does not appear to be structured in a manner that signals a radical shift in our funding regime.

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NEC Bulletin

Advance Free Education - Relentlessly

As usual, debates in our National Executive Committee meeting were lively; heated but comradely. One of the liveliest of these discussions was the debate around the Free Education struggle in the face of pronunciations by the ANC and Presidency in the January 8th rally and the State of the Nation Address.

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The Red Spark


The Red Spark Theoretical Journal is a South African Students Congress publication issued quarterly to reflect and analyse contemporary issues that affect the society at large. We remain an independent student organisation that is rooted within the National Democratic Revolution as led by the reliable leader of the alliance, the ANC and our approach to matters affecting the ANC-led government and the mass democratic movement we will always use our CC (Contradictory-Complimentary) Approach when articulating our perspective to those issues.

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