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MOITHUTI Walter Special Edition: Online Voice of SASCO

"Our struggle towards Democracy in Higher Education Institutions and for the People of Palestine"

Themba MakamuWhen the apartheid ice was broken by majority of South Africans and the entire South African nation become baptized into a democratic South Africa. I can imagine how every South African citizen breathed the aroma of new beginnings and hoped that more transformation will follow. I can imagine the joy in our Bantu Educated parents who are teachers and nurses in majority, also it is beyond my imagination how much our illiterate parents just like Student activists who were killed during the struggle hoped and believed that soon the entire education will be totally transformed in to Democratic institutions where students activism will be allowed without fears of victimization.

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Sandile Latha"Make SASCO your friend on Campus"

My son I have to compel my weak and sick hand to put ink on paper from within the confines of Cecilia Makiwane Hospital. This is because I have, with great jubilation, heard the good news that you are now admitted as a student at the University of Fort Hare for 2014 academic year. Congratulations!

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Declaration of the 18th SASCO National Congress

5 December 2013

INSPIRED by the vigilance of previous generations of student activists who fought for education transformation under tougher conditions, GUIDED by the spirits of our fallen leaders amongst them Babalwa Ntabeni and Lincoln Morgan and MOTIVATED by the zeal and determination of toiling students across the land, WE the 1061 strong delegates to the 18th SASCO National Congress gathered from the 1st to the 5th of December at the University of Venda in Limpopo province.

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Press Releases

SASCO Post-NEC Statement

24 March 2014

The 18th National Executive Committee of the South African Student Congress held its NEC Meeting, which also served as a Strategic Planning session and Induction on the eve of Human Rights Day from the 20th to the 23rd of March 2014 at Booysens Hotel in Johannesburg. The NEC paid tribute to those gunned down in Sharpville by the oppressive Apartheid regime. The NEC also remembers many who died in the course of struggle for human rights and dignity. We must also as we celebrate our own human rights remember those beyond our shores who continue to be subjected to oppressive regimes and human rights violations. The NEC recommitted itself to fight for the rights of all humanity.

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SASCO Statement on the Resignation of the Racist Coward - Theuns Eloff - at North West University

8 March 2014

The South African Students Congress (SASCO) notes and welcomes the departure of the racist coward Theuns Eloff who was a Vice-Chancellor at the North West University. We believe that this is a sheer act of cowardice which is only done to hide the fact that he has been presiding over this untransformed institution, more particularly the Potchefstroom campus where the backward Nazi Salute incidence happened.

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NEC Bulletin

Advance Free Education - Relentlessly

As usual, debates in our National Executive Committee meeting were lively; heated but comradely. One of the liveliest of these discussions was the debate around the Free Education struggle in the face of pronunciations by the ANC and Presidency in the January 8th rally and the State of the Nation Address.

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The Red Spark


The Red Spark Theoretical Journal is a South African Students Congress publication issued quarterly to reflect and analyse contemporary issues that affect the society at large. We remain an independent student organisation that is rooted within the National Democratic Revolution as led by the reliable leader of the alliance, the ANC and our approach to matters affecting the ANC-led government and the mass democratic movement we will always use our CC (Contradictory-Complimentary) Approach when articulating our perspective to those issues.

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